Spirulina Smoothie Weight Loss

Spirulina Smoothie Weight Loss

Spirulina is actually the best that can “happen" to you when trying to lose weight. Actually if you had to, Spirulina is such a concentrated super nutrient (aka superfood) that you could survive on it & water alone.

2000 years ago Nostoc (a sort of cyanobacteria similar to Spirulina) was used in China to survive during famine; nowadays it is used as a culinary ingredient in some parts of Asia.

Hunger is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome when trying to lose weight or following any restrictive diet, but Spirulina will provide you not only with all the amino-acids you need but also minerals and vitamins, giving you a nice sense of fullness; you will easily forget about your cravings just by adding a few spoonful of Spirulina powder to your favorite, low cal smoothie.

The omega-3 and omega-6 it contains will also help you to have a more calmed brain, due to the nourishment those fatty acids have to offer.

 Spirulina has 4 to 7% lipids, and most of these are essential fatty acids (EFA). Ten grams, 2 spoonful contain 225 mg of EFA among which linoleic and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). This is 8 to 14% of the daily recommended amount, depending on your body type and age.

Gamma-linolenic acid (γ-linolenic acid) belongs to the omega-6 series, a very important poly-unsaturated fatty acid (PUFAs).

GLA raises your metabolism by making brown fat (adipose tissue) in the body burn calories for energy whilst keeping your body warm. Overweight is due to under-active brown fat and that’s why GLA is so useful. It can help activate brown fat and burn off the ugly “white” fat that accumulates under your skin all over your body.

GLA is also an effective appetite regulator because it raises the serotonin’s level, helping you to feel satisfied and therefore eating less. Once you have lost weight GLA is very effective against gaining it back. A few medical studies seem to prove this.

GLA is a precursor to important biochemicals such as prostaglandins, leukotrienes and thromboxanes, which serve as chemical mediators for inflammatory and immune reactions.

The prostaglandin it produces is an anti-inflammatory and diuretic, and helps the skin maintain its tone and stay moisturized during weight loss.

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