Spirulina for Hair

Spirulina for Hair

Spirulina is well known for cleansing the body of all the bad toxins and helping to build and nourish the good bacteria in the body. Spirulina plays an important role in hormonal balance which is important for healthy hairs.

Spirulina is an essential nutrient for hairs because it contains 70% of protein and that is also what our natural hair is made from.

Our hairs are actually protein filaments containing a high amount of keratin which can be replenished by the proteins (amino acids) contained in Spirulina.

The regular intake of Spirulina will prevent thinning and baldness, it will enhance the growth and shine too.

80% of the hairs thickness is due to the presence of protein (amino acid polymers), among which the main one is keratin, composed of 18 amino acids.

The main amino acids that makeup keratin are also found in Spirulina, especially Glutamic Acid and Arginine.

The abundant minerals, A vitamin (retinol) and B complex vitamins are also useful against hair thinning and baldness. Among minerals, the iron content of Spirulina contributes to healthy hair, nails, and skin.

Spirulina is also an excellent ingredient for hair masks as well as for face masks.

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